2017 Lincoln Navigator price

2017 Lincoln Navigator ext

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator represents, in fact, full-size luxury SUV, which has been very long waited for. Sure, the current model, which came out originally eight years ago, is still available, although from its release date, it has suffered only slightly, more cosmetically, refreshments. So, naturally, in order to stay in line with today’s fierce competition among the full-size luxury SUV, the folks from Ford’s division-Lincoln, have decided that now presents, just the perfect time to launch a brand new, fully refreshed, updated and with a certain minor changes, 2016 Lincoln Navigator. This brand new variant won’t have just aluminum body and a brand new hybrid engine option, but it is also being planned that this vehicle will be built on the new platform.

2017 lincoln Navigator

2017 Lincoln Navigator price exterior and interior

Although, there hasn’t been officially announced what exactly refreshment and upgrades will suffer the Lincoln Navigator, edition for 2016 year, feel absolutely free to let your imagination run wild. From the current model, Lincoln MKX, we can, also, draw some conclusions.
2017 Lincoln Navigator exterior
So, we can expect that the vehicle remains 8 passengers seated, divided in 3 rows of seats with a plenty of space for all of your limbs. Leather upholstery is going to present some kind of a standard and it’ll come along coupled with, somehow, advanced technology features, such as: Bluetooth, reclining rear seat, power mirrors, power windows touch, 14-speaker surround sound audio system,trip computer, compass and much more that will surely provide for the driver to feel utterly comfortable during the whole driver, and, at the same time, these features will provide for passengers to feel utterly amused during a bit longer trips. This brand new variant is intended to be available in both variants- in long- and short-wheelbase.
2017 Lincoln Navigator

Engine specs of new Lincoln Navigator

This engine section, offers many surprises, of course, the pleasant ones! We have, already, stressed out that this particular section is going to suffer certain upgrades. Like all Navigators, and this one too, is going to come along with the standard of 3.5 liter EcoBoost V Ford 6 engine. That’s, already, been proven engine. This engine is considered to be utterly capable, highly reliable and very durable. Twin engine the turbo is more than strong enough to pump more than 370 hp and to deliver approximately around 430 pounds ft of torque, at the same unit of time. This mighty engine is intended to be matched with an automatic six -speed transmission, in order to put the power to either the rear or all four wheels.
2017 Lincoln Navigator engine
In addition to this, some kind of a standard engine, 2017 Lincoln Navigator will offer a hybrid EcoBoost motor, which is planned to present replacement to the old5.4 liter V 8. If you opt for this powertrain option, you can count on some significant fuel savings. This EcoBoost engine is going to be paired with 10-speed automatic transmission.

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Release Date and Price

In case that you’re hoping that this utterly capable, massive and full-size luxury SUV is going to hit the global car markets soon, we afraid that you are terribly wrong. According the latest available data, it won’t happen before the 2016 as 2017 model. Exact pricing hasn’t been available just yet, but according to the rumors the price can be higher of $65,000.

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