2017 Ford GT specs

2017 Ford GT

The vast majority of us were, literary, mesmerized, a couple of days ago-at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, when a brand new fast&furious supercar, magnificent and impeccably designed, with outstanding driving performances and many more other equally awesome features, was officially revealed. This was the brand new- His Royal Majesty Ford GT aka the “Liquid Silver” or a star attraction of this exhibit. This mighty car has, absolutely, everything that each driver ever dream of. The authoritative, sporty and a bit aggressive, general appearance, fast&furious, durable and utterly reliable engine, simply stunning, divine and passengers-oriented interior. This time, the folks from Ford’s even achieved to, when it comes to innovations, surpass themselves. All credits for that!

2017 Ford GT design

We have, already, pointed out, that this brand new variant, which has been made of the globally famous and recognized American car maker, presents the vivid dream for every driver. Its design comes us back to the days when we all were just kids, who have been playing with the fast&furious cars. Having the exclusive opportunity to drive one of these toys, presents, literary, the dream come true, for every little boy, whose soul lies deep inside each one of us. Brand new 2017 Ford GT resents the second generation of this stunning car. The first variant hit the global car markets, now in the distant 2005 year. Since then, the whole automotive industry has suffered some major changes, improvements and upgrades. If you ask us, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous edition of this stunning car, however the both- the engineers and designers have decided that now presents just the right time to launch brand new, slightly, improved version.
2017 Ford GT exterior
Like its predecessor, 2017 Ford GT is planned to come along with outstanding aerodynamic efficiency features, which includes certain active components that will allow more efficient handling and braking. Regarding some brand new high-tech features, the following ones are, in our opinion, the most important ones: the curved windscreen, the steering wheel which has been inspired by a Formula 1, the paddle shift controls, a fully digital info cluster etc.
2017 Ford GT interior

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Engine specs

The strong and reliable powertrain option, which is intended to be placed under the hood of the 2017 Ford GT is fast&furious a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter “EcoBoost” V-6 engine, which will be more than capable to develop the strength of over, the unbelieving 600-horsepower!!! We know, that data bordering possible, but it presents the bare truth. Ford GT reaches its maximum speed in a flash time (about 3.0 seconds!).
2017 Ford GT engine

2017 Ford GT Release Date and Price

We know, it is pretty hard to, even, imagine that such a magnificent car, could exist, but if you can’t believe to us, feel, absolutely, free to test it and to see it for yourself. Although, it might be tricky! For the pleasure to drive/own it, you will have to be ready to allocate some serious amount of money-let’s say around $200,000 or so. The folks from Ford have been officially announced that the production of this “Dream Come True” car will start late next year. By that moment, we assume, you are having more than enough time- to put yourself together and to pick your jaws up off the floor.

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