2017 Chrysler Town and Country changes

2017 Chrysler Town and Country

The Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan are built on the same platform and both companies never denied that these two cars are the same. The problem is that people have difficulties choosing one of these two and because of this both cars have average sales. However, this is about to change since the Dodge Caravan is going to be discontinued and Chrysler will soon unveil the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country. It was planned for it to be released at the previous Detroit Motor Show, but it appears that they were not able to get the car finished in time for Detroit.

2017 Chrysler Town and Country ext

Exterior design changes

Some spy shots of 2017 Town and Country show that this is not a completely new car, like the manufacturer stated earlier. Although the prototype of the next generation Town and Country was practically whole covered, some details could not be hidden from the experts who immediately recognized some of the key parts of the design of the exterior, that were borrowed from other, existing models: front grille and headlights were borrowed from Chrysler 200, door mirrors are taken from the current Dodge Challenger, steering wheel and some of the features of the interior are also from Dodge and the taillights are taken from the current Dodge Durango. As you can see, it is probably going to be assembled from different parts taken from different cars and it probably won’t have a unique design.

2017 Chrysler Town and Country exterior
However, there is something that could make a lot of difference for the new model – if the manufacturer decides to change the platform. Some reports suggest that the next generation Town and Country is going to be built on a Dodge Durango platform, which could mean that it will be lighter and more comfortable.
2017 Chrysler Town and Country ext 2

Interior design changes

The situation with the interior is similar like the situation with the exterior – there are no official images, but spy shots revealed that the manufacturer decided to use existing parts and existing design, instead of working on something new and unique for this car. However, this does not have to be a bad idea – they could use the design of the interior that they know people already like, so there is practically no room for mistake.
2017 Chrysler Town and Country interior

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2017 Chrysler Town and Country Engine

When it comes to the engines that are going to be offered with the 2017 Chrysler Town and Country it is too early to tell. The company will probably choose at least one engine that was used in previous models, but in one of their product plan updates, it said that they plan on unveiling a Town and Country plug in hybrid, which could be great. Some experts suggest that they could use the V6 Pentastar with electric engine. Automatic transmission and front wheel drive will surely be standard, while all wheel drive and manual transmission will be optional.

Release date and price

The next generation of the Town and Country will probably be unveiled at the beginning of 2016 as 2017 model. We expect that the base price is going to be around $30,000.

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