2016 Toyota RAV4 redesign

2016 Toyota RAV4 2

The luxury design of 2016 Toyota RAV4 speaks for itself. The mere look at this SUV will tell you that this is one powerful and extremely carefully designed vehicle which has the purpose to show style and power.

2016 Toyota RAV4 EXT

2016 Toyota RAV4 engine

It is natural that this model will have a very reliable and powerful engine since we are talking about an SUV which is made to overcome any difficulty in terms of terrain and weather obstacles. The engine that the manufacturer will use is 2.5 liter which has four cylinders. The power that this engine will be able to produce about 176 horsepower. The thing which is also very good for difficult terrains and weather conditions is the four-wheel drive.
2016 Toyota RAV4 engine

New RAV 4 exterior redesign

The manufacturer made this vehicle with carefully designed edges and lines so that the vehicle will give the impressions of elegance, style and class. The smooth and aerodynamic lines are only enriched by the latest LED technology which was used for headlights and taillights. The importance of size of this SUV will be only supported with the usage of wheels with 17 inches. Furthermore, the manufacturer made this model significantly lighter in order to increase fuel economy. The 2016 Toyota RAV4 will be produced as a model which is going to have four doors and very large cargo area.
2016 Toyota RAV4

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Interior redesign

New RAV4 will be produced so that it could receive up to five passengers. Even when the car is completely full, the comfort and coziness would be guaranteed the comfort will be only enhanced by the usage of leather seats, this is actually faux leather. For the colder weather conditions, the manufacturer will prepare front seats which could heat. The usage of modern technologies will be also available, since the aim of the manufacturer will also be to make this car appealing to younger generations. This is why the SUV is going to have internet, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as satellite navigation. It is more than worth mentioning that this SUV would be made to be very safe for its passengers. This is why the manufacturer will enable blind spot monitoring and rear view camera. Also, there will be emergency brake assistance as well as stability control for the stability of the entire vehicle.
2016 Toyota RAV4 interior

2016 Toyota RAV4 Release Date

The 2016 Toyota RAV4 hit the presentation arena during the 2015 Detroit Auto show from the 15th to the 25th January 2015, Detroit, USA. However, the SUV is still not available for sales in official dealerships around the globe. This is expected by the end of this year, i.e. 2015.

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Details about price

Although this SUV was officially presented, there are no reliable information regarding its price. Nevertheless, it is expected that the basic model will cost about $24,000. Furthermore, it is expected that the fully updated and enhanced trim will go for as much as $43,000.

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