2016 Toyota Mirai price

2016 Toyota Mirai  exterior 3

If you are searching for a modern and futuristic looking car, then 2016 Toyota Mirai is definitely a car for you. Namely, the exterior is designed in such a way that it has smooth and elegant lines. Also, the interior is designed in such a way that it offers complete comfort. The most important things are the safety settings and adjustments which would be greatly cherished by potential buyers.
2016 Toyota Mirai  exterior


Even though there was no official release for sales of this mode, it is estimated that the basic model of this car will cost $58,325. This practically means that a potential customer would have to pay significantly more for the enhanced and upgraded model.

Release date

The official release date was not announced by the manufacturer, however, it is estimated that the official release for sales in authorized dealerships would be available during the last three months of this year, i.e. 2015.

2016 Toyota Mirai exterior design

The manufacturer did its best in order to create a futuristic yet eye pleasing vehicle. Namely, the overall impression when you look at the vehicle is the one of the smooth and neat lines. LED headlights and taillights are also very nicely incorporated so that they do not stand out from the overall look of the vehicle. The front part of the vehicle also gives the impression of style, elegance and power. The car is made to have four doors and to be able to receive four passengers including the driver. The front fenders are made in such a way that they look futuristic yet extremely masculine at the same time.
2016 Toyota Mirai 1

2016 Toyota Mirai interior design

The interior of 2016 Toyota Mirai is equally aesthetically pleasing as its exterior. Namely, the seats are made from the finest leather material, and the interior is available in three different colors, i.e. it is available in black, blue-black, and gray-black. The dashboard is also very elegant and stylish. Furthermore, there are even three screens which are there to make adjustments in order to make the drive more pleasant and to monitor the condition of the vehicle and the condition of the road in front of you.
2016 Toyota Mirai interior
There are many functions and settings on the dashboard and on the steering wheel which are there not only to make the drive more comfortable and cozy, but there are also some settings which would make the drive safer. There are also many modern technologies incorporated on the dashboard, satellite navigation, just to name one. There is also fixed armrest which separates the back seats.
2016 Toyota Mirai interior 2

2016 Mirai Specs

If we are talking about the engine, it needs to be said that 2016 Toyota Mirai would be run by a fuel cell which would have 114 kilowatt (about 153 horsepower). This fuel cell would be placed under the front seats of the vehicle and it will send power to an electric motor that drives its front wheels. Some power can also be supplied by the 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion electric battery pack, which essentially buffers the power need to keep the fuel cell operating at a much more constant output degree.
2016 Toyota Mirai  engine

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