2016 Toyota Highlander new design

2016 Toyota Highlander

The 2016 Toyota Highlander is marvelously designed SUV which has elegant and neat exterior design and lines; its interior design is impeccable with perfectly incorporated details. The combination of the previous factors with the powerful engine would result in a vehicle which will be able to overcome any harsh terrain and difficult weather conditions.
2016 Toyota Highlander EXTERIOR

New Highlander exterior design

The manufacturer would offer five different trims of this model, namely, he would offer the following trim variants: LE, LE Plus, XLE, Limited, and Limited Platinum. This car would have four doors and three rows of seats. Even though there would be so many seats, this would not lessen the comfort in any way. The cargo area would be also spacious so that it would be enough for all things you want to bring with you on your trip. The lights are incorporated in such a way to perfectly follow the lines of the vehicle.
2016 Toyota Highlander EXT

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2016 Toyota Highlander interior design

The upholstery would be made from the finest materials in order to provide cosines. Also, there would be safety and control features and commands that would only improve the overall driving experience and safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

New Toyota Highlander specs

If we are talking about engine options of 2016 Toyota Highlander, we need to say that there would be two engine options offered. The first engine option that the manufacturer will offer will be 3.5 liter engine with V6. This engine option will be able to generate 270 horsepower. The second engine option that the manufacturer would offer would be a 2.7 liter engine which would have four cylinders. This engine will be able to produce about 185 horsepower. No matter which engine option you choose, they would both have the same transmission, i.e. this model would have the automatic transmission with six speeds. Apart from the front-wheel drive, upgraded models would be offered with all-wheel drive, which would cost you a little bit more from the basic model.
2016 Toyota Highlander ENGINE

2016 Highlander release date

The 2016 Toyota Highlander has not been officially released for sales yet. The manufacturer did not precise when the official release date for sales in official dealerships will be, but it is estimated that it will be somewhere at the beginning of the next year, i.e. 2016.

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2016 Toyota Highlander price

If we take into account that the manufacturer did not release this model for sales, we cannot talk about specific prices for specific models. However, there are certain estimates on the basis of the previous models and speculations which state that the price of the basic model will be about $38,000. The prices for upgraded and enhanced models will be naturally higher, and they are expected to be about $48,000.

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