2016 Nissan Sway Concept price

2016 Nissan Sway Concept

After Nissan presented the 370Z Nismo Roadster at the 2015 Chicago Motor Show and Infiniti Q30 at the Detroit Auto Show, the company now unveiled its new concept car called Sway at the Geneva Motor Show. The company claims that the brand-new model is a future European hatchback, but it appears that it is far more modern and futuristic than the cars that we’ve seen earlier including Juke and Qashqai, the company’s renowned crossovers. We are pleased to present you details about this small hatchback, and to discover what Nissan has up its sleeve for the upcoming generation of supermini.

2016 Sway exterior design

Sway appears to be larger than Ford Fiesta, which is the current leader of supermini vehicles. The compact hatchback segment, a traditionally conservative market sector is expected to be shaken up by Nissan’s Sway. When we talk about exterior, we can say it represents a blend of four different elements. The customers will be offered a floating roof, kicked-up C-pillar, boomerang lamps and a V-motion grille. Nissan Lannia Concept unveiled at the 2014’s Auto China in Beijing and Murano that was recently presented in North America boast the same design.
2016 Nissan Sway Concept ext 2
Taillights and headlights represent the variation of lightning bolt of Nissan, and thanks to the chrome accents around the headlights the vehicle has the appearance of the face. One gets a feeling of being watched by the lights from under the eyebrows. The vehicle features 4 entry doors that at first sight seem to be the regular ones. However, the rear one open suicide-style, without B-pillar being left after the rear and the front doors are opened. We’ve previously mentioned that the vehicle will have blue and white elements when it comes to the interior and it is quite interesting to say that we will have a bronze and silver-grey exterior. Although the exterior and interior color schemes do not match, the new model will boast interesting combination for sure.
2016 Nissan Sway Concept  ext 2

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Interior design

The vehicle sports a wing-shaped dash that was previously seen on the company’s concept IDx at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. Structural aluminum elements, for which the company said they were taken from industrial architecture, are used to signify the simplicity of construction and strength as well. The interior part of brand-new Sway has a panoramic glass roof. The door frames don’t have a B-pillar now.
2016 Nissan Sway Concept interior
The infotainment system is also improved and the first thing you notice is a tablet. Besides the tablet which dominates the dash, the vehicle also features some common gauges for its users. Generally, the company uses its recent design to the compact vehicle. The color scheme of the vehicle suggests that blue interiors are still trendy. Sway arrives with blue door panels and seats. The vehicle has a white steering wheel and the dash with tan accents.
2016 Nissan Sway Concept inteiror

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2016 Nissan Sway Concept Price

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the changes that took place under the hood of this hatchback bearing the name Sway, except the information that the vehicle will deliver excellent fuel economy. This hatchback with great sporty look and appealing design will cost from $20,000.

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