2016 Mercedes E class price

2016 Mercedes E class 2

The 2016 Mercedes E class is certainly one of the most luxurious vehicles that is going to be released for sales. On the basis of the little data that is known, we can say for sure that we are talking about one astonishing model in each and every sense. First of all, the carefully designed exterior and interior, with the combination of powerful engines give to drivers everything they want. Normally, a potential driver would have to pay for the pleasure of possessing this car.

2016 Mercedes E class

Exterior and interior design

It is speculated that the 2016 model will have slightly bigger dimensions in comparison to its predecessors. The contours of the vehicle are made in such a way that the vehicle seems elegant and very stylish. Also, the LED headlights and taillights are designed in such a way that they perfectly follow the lines of the exterior design. The overall lines of the exterior are neat and smooth.

2016 Mercedes E class 3
The luxurious and stylish upholstery will just add to the overall impression of the comfort and elegance. The vehicle is very comfortable and very safe since it has all needed accessories which will certainly ease the drive but also improve the overall safety of the vehicle.
2016 Mercedes E class iinterior

2016 Mercedes E class specs

It should be mentioned that 2016 Mercedes E class will be constructed on the basis of the Mercedes Rear-wheel drive Architecture platform. It is speculated that the manufacture will also offer the hybrid version of this luxurious car.On the basis of the available data, this model will have manual transmission with six speeds. It is estimated that it will have a petrol engine with six cylinders which will be able to produce between 200 and 400 horsepower. It is also said that this model will be able with the engines which will have four cylinders with turbocharging. Moreover, it is estimated that the manufacturer will also incorporate a 4.0-liter engine with V8.
2016 Mercedes E class rear

New 2016 Mercedes E class Release Date

The manufacturer has not made an official presentation of this model yet. Moreover, it is expected that the official presentation of this vehicle will be during the beginning of the next year, i.e. at the beginning of 2016. This means that the release of 2016 Mercedes E class will certainly not be before the beginning of the middle of 2016.


Since this model was not even presented, we cannot certainly talk about the prices of the basic and upgraded models. However, on the basis of the rumors and speculations, there is certain price estimate that the price of this model will be close to the prices of the previous models.

We are only left with the conclusion that a lot is expected from 2016 Mercedes E class. On the basis of the available information, this will be truly a remarkable vehicle in terms of its carefully planned exterior, perfectly incorporated interior and strong engine which will move this stylish car. So, if you want to display power, style and elegance, then this is definitely the car for you.

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