2016 Lincoln MKS release date

2016 Lincoln MKS  exterior

The Lincoln Motor Company presents, in fact, a vital part of the famous Ford Motor Company that specialized in selling top luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand. In order to stay, in a way, in line with the fierce competition, which is pretty fast growing, even multiply, each day, the 2016 Lincoln MKS is intended to come along with several upgrades and refreshments that are equally related to interior and exterior. This brand new, slightly improved variant, is planned to present the beginning of a new generation, which is a part of a bigger plan and that’s, in fact, to expand customer base and to boost significantly its sales. Besides the exterior/interior refreshments, this brand new Lincoln MKS is planned to come built on the new platform and to offer slightly better engine options.

2016 Lincoln MKS  ext

New MKS Design

The greatest challenge, in fact, will be to provide for the 2016 Lincoln MKS the already been familiar an “American” style, which will, at the same time, fit ever-important Chinese tastes. We see the solution! It’ll have to present the mixture of the both tastes. That, in reality, means that Lincoln MKS still will be available with the upmarket Black Label interior themesand, also, is intended to beenriched with, somehow, conservative lines, especially on the back side of the car. In that way, the folks from the Lincoln Company are hoping that will reconcile the both tastes. They are, also, striving that this second generation of this lovable car will represent a strong and utterly reliable foundation. Thatfoundation will, at the same time, represent a vital part of a new-product offensive that will include both- a rear-wheel-drive coupe and a compact crossover. Overall, regarding the general appearance, the LincolnMKS is going to have much softer, smoother and much more comfortable style.
2016 Lincoln MKS  EXT

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2016 Lincoln MKS Engine specs

As its sibling, the 2016 Lincoln Continental and the 2016 Lincoln MKS will have under its hood placed the utterly strong a new EcoBoosted V6 motor, but the main difference between these two variants, will be mirrored in the volume of their engines. The Continental variant will come along equipped with a 3.0-liter, while the MKS one will come along with, a slightly less -2.9-liter one. This engine has the code name-Nano. But, in addition to that engine, there will be available another power plant option. That will be, already been proven, theEcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6. Regarding the available transmitting, the both enginesare planned to be matched with a six-speed automatic or somehow, upgraded the nine-speed, a transmission which came out as a result of the cooperation of the giants of the automotive industry- the Ford and the General Motors Company. Although, it is intended that all of MKS’s power to be routed to its front wheels, but all-wheel drive will be, still, an optional one.
2016 Lincoln MKX engine

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Release Date and Price of new MKS

The 2016 Lincoln MKS is expecting to have its premiere during the fourth quarter of this year. Price wise, according to the rumors, it’ll come in a range $39,000 – $41,320.

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