2016 Land Rover Defender price

2016 Land Rover Defender

The 2016 Land Rover Defender is a perfectly designed SUV which would be a perfect solution for overcoming bad weather and harsh terrain conditions. This is also the main purpose of this SUV; however, its elegant exterior design would be very appealing to younger generations.

2016 Land Rover Defender ext

2016 Land Rover Defender exterior design

The first thing that should be mentioned about the exterior design are sharp and masculine lines and edges of new Defender. Namely, the manufacturer would go for aggressive and powerful look which would display speed and power. This is why he made LED headlights and taillights accordingly. It is also rumored that this SUV would be available in two door variants; namely, it would be both available with two and four doors. Furthermore, there would be the back door for the cargo area which is very spacious.
2016 Land Rover Defender exterior

New Defender Interior design

Regardless of the number of doors, this vehicle would have two rows of seats and the capability to receive five passengers. The safety was paramount to the manufacturer and this is why he included a lot of airbags in the SUV. Furthermore, there would be other safety controls and settings. In order to make this SUV desirable by younger generations, there are many high-tech features installed, such as powerful audio system and internet, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.
2016 Land Rover Defender interior

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Engine specs

Since we are talking about an SUV which has not been presented to the public, we have no information whatsoever about the engine that the manufacturer would include. We do not know even whether there would be several engine options included. Nevertheless, there are certain claims which state that the engine would be a V6 one and that it would have four cylinders. However, it is sure that the manufacturer would pair that engine with transmission which would have eight or nine speeds. Also, it is also believed that the manufacturer would offer this SUV with both manual and automatic transmission variants. In order to make this vehicle capable and usable for every terrain and weather condition, the manufacturer would most probably include bot front-wheel and four-wheel drive.
2016 Land Rover Defender engine

Details about Release Date

The manufacturer has not made this model public yet. The official presentation of this model is expected to be during 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show which is scheduled from the 17th to the 27th September 2015. However, it is not known when the SUV would be available for purchase, put it is speculated that it would be the beginning of 2016.

2016 Land Rover Defender Price

Even though the manufacturer also did not present any information regarding the price of 2016 Land Rover Defender, there are some estimates regarding the pricing. It is estimated that the basic model would cost about $60, 000 while upgraded trims would be priced even at about $100,000.

Regardless of the fact that 2016 Land Rover Defender is still shrouded with a veil of mystery, the available data give us enough reasons to believe that this would be a very good SUV in terms of exterior and interior design and its engine performances.

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