2016 Ford C-Max release date

2016 Ford C-Max

In 2012, the guys from Ford Company came across the incredible idea. They, simply, brought a pair of hybridized mini-minivans to the U.S. soil- their C-Max and C-Max Energi, and waited for the miracle to happen. But, unfortunately, nothing has happened. They thought that the Americans will be more than a thrilled about this hybrid-only vehicle (at least, as the European did!), but they were terribly wrong! Their beloved and highly praised C-Max didn’t “score the goal” among the American nation.
We are assuming that- that was the case mainly because the Americans don’t possess that “feeling” for saving our mother Earth and that they used to drive full petrol vehicles. Even the low price hasn’t played the role here, so the folks from the Ford Company, were, literary devastated and they are, since then, in a constant searching for a solution.
They come up with a brand new idea, it appeared to them that it won’t harm if they would offer, beside that hybrid version, other powertrain choices, as well. In addition, they have also decided to make certain corrections, upgrades and refreshments, in order to finally “conquer the hard hearts” of Americans.

2016 Ford C-Max ext

2016 Ford C-Max exterior and interior

The 2016 Ford C-Max isn’t the only vehicle, which could be found in today’s global car markets, which provides a pretty good combination between the price, top trendy style, technology, fuel savings and particularity, although, it is among the best ones. When it comes to changes, which have been made in the exterior area, the brand new C-Max fully abandons its previous general appearance and took a front-end treatment for a bigger vehicle–style grille above combined with a full-width lower intake. It will get a bit trendy and stylish general appearance by adding slightly redesigned headlamps and many others trendy hi-tech features and embellishments, as well.

2016 Ford C-Max EXTERIOR

When it comes to the refreshments that has been made in the interior design area, when you take a look into C-Max’s current available variant, and compare its main cabin with a brand new one, you can, pretty easy, to come to conclusion that the latest version’s cabin is much more spaced and made of, a slightly better quality of materials, ranging from a dashboard to a brand new leather upholstery. To be completely honest with you, this whole picture reminiscent a bit of a brand new Ford Focus.

2016 Ford C-Max interior

New C-Max engine

This brand new variant- 2016 Ford C-Max is planned to come with a several powertrain options. The highly interesting thing is the following, it is intended that these motor options will be two petrol and two diesel ones. The base engine model will be a 1.0 l EcoBoost engine, which is considered to be just strong enough to pump up to 120 horsepower. If this amount doesn’t satisfy your needs and desires, the available, also, is a 1.5l EcoBoost powerplant that is able to produce approximately around 170 horsepower.

2016 Ford C-Max engine

Release Date and price

Although, the exact pricing has not yet been officially announced, but according the available data, it is expected that this brand new variant will cost up to $20,000. 2016 Ford C-Max’s release date is going to happen sometime this year.

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