2016 Ferrari FF coupe price


The 2016 Ferrari FF is a typical expensive sports car in terms of its exterior, interior and engine performances. Once again, the limiting factor for this Ferrari sports car may be its price.

2016 fERRARI ff BACK

Engine specs

The manufacturer would also incorporate a very powerful engine in order to keep this strong sports car going. It is expected that the manufacturer would include a 6.3 liter V 12 engine which would have 48 valves. This engine is expected to produce enormous amount of strength. Namely, it is expected to produce between 660 and 700 horsepower, and about 503 lb-ft of torque. It is estimated that this Ferrari FF 2016 would be equipped with the transmission with eight speeds. Furthermore, it is speculated that this sports car would also have all-wheel drive. The thing which is very interesting for such a powerful engine is that it has very low fuel consumption in comparison to the vehicles with same power. The thing that Ferrari is recognizable for is speed and new Ferrari FF is not an exception. Namely, it is able to reach 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The maximum speed of this sports car is expected to be about 208 mph.
2016 Ferrari FF ENGINE

2016 Ferrari FF exterior design

The typical formula look of this 2016 Ferrari FF is a little bit upgraded with smoother lines which would add a little bit of elegance and style to the overall design. The careful incorporation of all details, LED headlights, LED taillights, bumpers and exhausts, just improved the overall impression of strength; speed and elegance that the manufacturer wanted to create. This model would be made with two doors.

New Ferrari FF interior design

Although it is made as a two-door model, there is the capacity for four passengers, including the driver, inside this car. It needs to be emphasized that there is enough comfort and space even when the car is full. The interior and upholstery are made from good quality materials in order to be in accordance with the elegant and stylish exterior design. The manufacturer also included numerous modern technologies in order to stay up-to-date and in order to provide maximum pleasure and enjoyment for its customers. Some of these modern accessories are satellite navigation and Apple CarPlay. Furthermore, some of the settings on the dashboard are there not only for enjoyment but also to control driving and the condition of the vehicle, and thus to make it safer. This is the case with the display screen inside.

Release Date of new 2016 Ferrari FF

The manufacturer has not officially released this vehicle yet; however, this is expected to happen during the second half of this year, i.e. 2015, or during the beginning of the next year, i.e. 2016. It is expected that the order and after the sales would commence just a couple months after that.

2016 Ferrari FF SIDE


The price is always a tricky issue regarding all Ferrari vehicles. The 2016 Ferrari FF is not an exception since it is estimated that this sports car would cost about $300 000. This would be simply absolutely expensive for the vast majority living of this planet.

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