2016 Dodge Dakota price


The market will soon get another amazing car, 2016 Dodge Dakota. This model first appeared in 1987. In order to increase the sale, this model has been redesigned and refreshed. The previous model was characterized by poor sales because of bad reputation in the pickup truck category. This time, the company gave their best to meet the requirements of their customers. The 2016 Dodge Dakota will be more attractive and aggressive thanks to its great exterior improvement. Check for further information about modern Dodge Dakota.

Exterior design

2016 Dakota will arrive completely redesigned. This new model will be much modern and powerful comparing to its predecessor. It will be longer than the previous model. The fuel economy will also be improved, despite of the fact that the weight of the vehicle has been slightly increased. New Dodge Dakota gets more streamlined headlights and revised grille as well. The stylized vehicle will have front and rear bumpers of the same color as the vehicle itself, which contributes to its powerful and modern appearance. This four-door truck will also have a trailer. The door of the vehicle will be more functional and easier to open, which enables passengers to enter and place their cargo inside of the vehicle easily.

Interior design

When we talk about interior part of the vehicle, both aesthetic and functional aspects of the vehicle have been changed. The company used modern materials that give the 2016 Dodge Dakota better interior appearance. Besides great materials that will offer comfort, the vehicle will be spacious for a great comfort as well. LCD display, cruise control, air conditioning and audio player are also the part of these interior changes.

2016 Dodge Dakota engine

There is no official information about the engine, but some unofficial sites report that this Dakota comes with four-cylinder V6 engine that will be able to produce up to 210 horse power and you will be able to choose between five-speed and six-speed transmission. It is also known that the company will make great efforts in order to reduce fuel consumption. They want to average the consumption of the fuel for about 30 mpg. There are also speculations that the company will introduce other engine options, but there is still no official information about this.

2016 Dodge Dakota release date and price

The exact release date of the vehicle remains unknown, but it is quite possible that this new model will arrive in the autumn of 2016. There is no information about the price as well, but the improved vehicle will probably cost $60.000.

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