2016 Audi A5 release date


When Ingolstadt first introduced Audi A5 in 2007, in the world of cars it was taken by surprise and celebrated as one of the best cars with an amazing design, and powerful engine but it soon fallen into oblivion once BMW and Mercedes released their new classes of cars. Simply put, the 2016 Audi A5 must shine to take over the throne, and that is the reason why exterior and interior have been incredibly redesigned and improved.


The 2016 Audi A5 will come with three engine options, 2.0l turbocharged 4-cylinder, 3.0l V6 and 4.0l V8 engine. New Audi A5 will come with a slight increase in the power of engine, namely a 2.0l turbo four that produces 211 horsepower in a base vehicle, 3.0 that produces 333 hp and 4.6 which should produce more than 450 hp of its predecessor.

Exterior design

Brand new 2016 A5 is a clear proof that Audi’s well known style doesn’t always have to be related to the classic and for some customers even boring and simple look to be popular. The new vehicle will be characterized by evolutionary design and sporty look. It is made out of light materials, and thanks to the use of this kind of materials, the 2016 Audi A5 will be lighter. The reduction of the weight of the vehicle will have positive effect on performances and it will also improve the economy of fuel. As expected, the front side is changed and grille is redesigned with bigger air vents. New Audi A5 is surprisingly elegant, and that is why it hasn’t changed much during the last seven years since it has been on sale. This vehicle is going to be based on improved MLB eve architecture that is considered to be easier, stronger and of course more efficient. The platform of 2016 Audi A5 will bring longer wheelbase, it will be much stiffer with 200 pounds lighter than the platform of the previously released vehicle. New version also offers a great number of systems and LED lights.

Interior Design

In order to increase ergonomics, safety and comfort it will have a redesigned cabin. The car will also come with a tri-zone automatic climate control, MMI system characterized by 6.5-inch touchscreen, panoramic sunroof and many other features.

2016 Audi A5 release date and price

New, improved and perfect Audi A5 should arrive at the very beginning of 2015. The estimated price of the vehicle will be around $40.000, but the exact price is not introduced yet.

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