2016 Acura ILX review and specs

2016 Acura ILX

The 2016 Acura ILX occupies 13 out of 14 upscale small cars. These results and estimations are, primarily, based on a customer’s satisfactory reviews, as well as the expert’s review, but also some reliability and safety data are taken into account, too. We think that these figures tell more than enough for you. We must confess to you that all-new Acura ILX, which we have an exclusive opportunity to see at this year’s Montreal International Auto Show, left somehow bitter taste in our mouths. Not only that, this newly made variant has quite an unattractive general appearance, but this, on a paper, small sedan doesn’t even belong in a group of a sport nor luxurious vehicles. In fact, we aren’t so sure under which category we should put it! We know that is sad, but that’s the pure honesty here!

2016 Acura ILX ext

Exterior design

When Acura ILX has been originally introduced, a couple of years ago, we haven’t been that thrilled, but we haven’t been so disappointed, either, as we are now. Maybe we expected too much from the luxury division of Honda Company. In fact, we are unable to even count a few reasons, why anyone should even think to buy this particular vehicle. But, first things first…
2016 Acura ILX ext2
Regarding the exterior, we couldn’t say that the ed ones. The 2016 Acura ILX biggest refreshment is reflected in its front (slightly larger wheels and tires )brand new variant’s suffered any major changes compared to its previous version, only a minor cosmetic-orient and on the back end (its Jewel Eye LED lamps have been replaced with a slightly redesigned one and that’s pretty much all!).

Engine and specs

We are afraid that the engine section is another one utterly disappointing area. It is planned that under the hood of the all-new 2016 Acura ILX sedan will be placed one and only powerplant option and that’s the 2.0-liter four-cylinder one (coupled with an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox), which is considered to be just powerful enough to develop the strength around a 201 hp, and, making approximate a 180 pound-feet of torque.
2016 Acura ILX engine

Details about interior

The same applies to the interior design, it, pretty much, remained the same. Some major refreshments that we could see are the usage of slightly better quality materials of which the whole main cabin has been made of and, somehow, improved connectivity features. But, we, simply, are forced to say, in favor of the defense newly made Acura ILX that we found it to possess a very nice balance between crisp and fluid, edgy and smooth and that’s, by our the most humble opinion, quite handsome, but surely not sufficient, feature.

2016 Acura ILX.

The 2016 Acura ILX came along available in six level trim. Ranging from the basic one to the most exquisite of this entire lineup, they are labeled:standard ILX, Premium, Technology Plus, A-Spec, A-Spec Premium, and A-Spec Technology Plus.

2016 Acura ILX release date and price

Although, the 2016 Acura ILX sedan had its debut, it is expected to become available for global sale this month at the average price of $28,820.

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