2015 Toyota Avensis price

2015 Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis is considered to be one of the most desirable vehicles at the European market. Since the current model is showing its age, the company decided to launch a revised mid-size model, 2015 Toyota Avensis. With its new engine, innovative technology and excellent style, brand-new Toyota Avensis will win the hearts of a great number of customers. This is understandable because the company put a lot of effort into the production and design of this model. The new, prestigious model will arrive completely revised, so we will get a revised chassis, and refreshed interior together with changes to the exterior of the vehicle. Besides these changes, the car is going to use new engines as well. Let’s now check the details about these changes.

2015 Toyota Avensis engine specs

New Toyota Avensis run a 1.8-liter that produces 145 hp. It is quite possible that the new model will be powered by the same engine. Some more powerful engine will run BMW sourced engines that were developed by Toyota and BMW for the new Mini. This 1.5-liter turbocharged inline four will be able to produce 180 hp. The most powerful engine choice will be 2.0 that will enable the vehicle to get the output of 240 hp. These new engine choices will ensure great fuel efficiency and reduce the emission of CO2. Six or eight-speed automatic transmission will be optional, while six-speed manual is going to be a standard gearbox. Unfortunately AWD won’t be available but we hope that all-wheel drive will be available in some future models.

Exterior design

The exterior of 2015 Toyota Avensis will be completely different than the one of the current model. The car will be more aggressive and aerodynamic as because it has a completely new platform.

The redesigned model is expected to be wider, longer but lower than the vehicle it replaces. The vehicle boasts a subtle styling because of LED taillights and headlights and chrome accents. The customers will be offered seventeen and eighteen inch alloy wheels.

New Toyota Avensis Interior design

Stepping inside of the cabin, we will also see some great changes. The company wanted to offer a greater driving experience and that is why the vehicle arrives with a brand-new design scheme that centers on the driver. The customers will be offered a great audio system with six or eight speakers. Besides that, there will be electric and heated seats.New Toyota Avensis will get a satellite navigation and dual-zone automatic climate control. Bigger navigation system, sunroof and leather upholstery are optional extras. Noise, navigation and harshness (NVH) have also been reduced because the company used thicker materials for additional sound insulation. The vehicle gets redesigned seats with bigger upper backrests that provide extra comfort for the users.

Price and release date

This highly anticipated vehicle will arrive on the market in the summer of 2015, yet there is no information about the official release date of the car. There are some speculations that the 2015 Toyota Avensis will cost a bit more than the outgoing one that costs from £17,700 ($26,196) to £26,595 ($39,360). We are not familiar with the exact price, but the upgraded model is worth every penny for sure.

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